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One of the most effective measures to reduce carbon is communication with our customers.

We have a high volume of letters, notices, invoices etc issued each day. By actively exploiting use of email we are reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the use of paper, envelopes, postal vehicles, photocopier ink/toner and the running cost of the printer known to be heavy on the need for heaters.

We recycle all our waste paper. We receive masses of paper each day and once scanned into our system it is shredded as confidential material by a market leading company. The shredded paper is made back into usable paper. 

We encourage our managers to work from home thereby reducing their commuting and the effects that has on the environment as a whole.


Our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We planted 2,000 trees in 2014 to balance the carbon we are using already.

Our small number of company cars (less than 10) will follow the upcoming requirements of the Government to switch across to Electricity where possible.


In 2022 we personally drove a van-load of essentials to Poland for Ukraine refugees located there. The van-load was a mixture of toiletries as well as food and drink. It was Easter time too, so we took plenty of Easter Eggs for the little ones to enjoy. 

In 2017 we managed to support Help for Heroes with a £3,000 donation. 

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