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    • Handling Client monies within the Managers Global Client Account

    • Preparing and sending out service charge estimates.

    • Collecting service charges and reserve fund contributions including sending any required statements or as reasonable expediency shall dictate.

    • Using best endeavours to collect current and ongoing routine service charge arrears but not action requiring legal work or First Tier Tribunal.

    • Processing payments relating to the Property within expenditure limits and funds available or as reasonable expediency shall dictate.

    • Providing information to accountants for preparing annual accounts.

    • Issuing demands for administration charges and required summaries of rights.


    • Liaising with the Client.

    • Liaising with any recognised resident(s) association(s).

    • Providing reasonable management information to the lessees

    • Viewing, without the use of inspection equipment, the common parts of the Property to check condition and deal with any necessary repairs other than major repairs.

    • Consultation with the client on management matters (and qualifying works).

    • Consultation with the client on long-term agreements except for consultation on the appointment of a managing agent.

    • Maintaining adequate/suitable files and records on the management of the Property.

    • Keeping records of residents and tenancy details were provided.

    • Advising and liaising with the Client on management policy.

    • Dealing with day-to-day lessee issues and reporting to and taking instruction from the Client on lessees' dissatisfaction.



    • Entering into and managing maintenance contracts on behalf of the Client.

    • Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and overseeing such works.

    • Engaging and supervising on behalf of the Client site staff for the Property and dealing with all matters relating to their employment other than pension and Industrial Tribunal matters.

    • Visiting the Property.



    1. Advising the Client on all relevant legislative and regulatory issues and general interpretation of leases.

    2. Providing copy documents including insurance policies, copies of invoices and receipts, for which there may be a charge.

    3. Arranging for periodic health and safety checks (but not specialist checks and tests) and ensuring appropriate risk assessments are in place.

    4. Arranging for buildings and other insurance. Dealing with general claims only when insurance is procured by the Manager.

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