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SUPER TENANTS are people who live in a communal setting where others have to share the same services as them, be it a car park area, lifts, bin store, gardens. SUPER TENANTS set an example of how to behave properly, how to respect other peoples surrounding keeping them as clean and tidy as they can be. They don't spoil things for others, no litter, no graffiti, no anti-social noise. SUPER TENANTS are respectful to everyone, they say good morning, hold doors, speak nicely to encourage good manners and are friendly at all times.

At this time of the year when the Festive Season is upon us the bin area gets a real hit with waste.

SUPER TENANTS will know to break down their boxes as flat as possible so that bin space is available for everyone. The easiest way to break down boxes is undo the way they are made - cut away the sellotape, unfold the box then make it flat.

SUPER TENANTS will then put the flat box in the appropriate recycle bin dedicated for paper / cardboard.

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